Apple – iPhone X Silicone Case – White

Designed for iPhone X, this silicone case fits snugly over the volume buttons, side button, and curves of your device without adding bulk. A soft microfiber lining on the inside helps protect your iPhone. The silky soft finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand. And you can keep it on all the time, even when you’re charging wirelessly.

Apple - iPhone X Silicone Case - White

Surface 2 (running Windows 8.1)/>January 6 update: Resolves issue with BitLocker recovery key prompt when you restart your Surface 2. Surface RT (running Windows 8.1)Surface Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2 firmware updates for improving touchpad performance and overall product stability. Surface RT (running Windows 8.0)No product updates released. Updating four devices running several different versions of Windows 8 is not trivial Apple – iPhone X Silicone Case – White. (Nor is trying to keep up with all the questions from Surface users about which updates they’re getting and why.) But with even more Surfi supposedly coming — an LTE-friendly Surface 2, plus the rumored Surface Mini — it’s key that Microsoft make frequent, regular updates a Surface selling point, not a hindrance..

Historically Samsung has timed the launch of its top smartphones — the Galaxy S range and the Galaxy Note series — to coincide with major global tech conferences, such as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where it unveiled the Galaxy S6 in March. But this year it bucked the trend by organizing a standalone event in August to launch the Galaxy Note 5, eschewing its usual September spot at the IFA trade show in Berlin Apple – iPhone X Silicone Case – White. A change in the schedule could also see a change in overall smartphone strategy from the company, according to the Electronic Times. Rather than launch smartphones across three price categories — high end, mid-range and low end — Samsung will add a fourth smartphone tier, which it will call sub premium to potentially cater to consumers who want a solid phone, but aren’t willing to pay top dollar for one..

(Via Engadget). This week, the FCC gives Huawei’s eye-popping Ascend P1 the go-ahead, paving a path for a U.S. landing. Remember the Huawei Ascend P1 from CES? Well, it looks like it could be coming to the U.S., thanks to a recent FCC filing. Its ultrathin — 0.27 inch thin, no joke — and stylized white-on-black design is the Ascend P1’s beauty that matches the brawn of its dual-core processor, 8-megapixel camera, and a cutting-edge Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS Apple – iPhone X Silicone Case – White. I haven’t been able to give the phone a thorough examination yet, but based on the features list and what we saw in January, I’d go so far as to call it the Huawei superphone that the U.S., which rarely sees Huawei’s top of the line, had always hoped Huawei had in it..

New details arrive that seemingly confirm early reports of an evolved Android tablet from HTC. Just last week, HTC CEO Peter Chou indicated that the company was working to bring a third tablet to market in the new year. Fast-forward a few days, and now we know its name, hardware specifications, and even what it looks like (spoiler alert: it’s a big, flat rectangle). Bearing the code-name HTC Quattro, details indicate an evolved Android tablet experience with hardware that includes a 10.1-inch display, a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage Apple – iPhone X Silicone Case – White. Like other recently leaked HTC handsets, the Quattro should also feature Bluetooth 4.0, Beat Audio, and, we assume, HTC Sense running on top of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich..

We want to make it effortless for the user to use all their apps and not always be having the in/out paradigm, waffled Heins. This is the heart of BlackBerry 10. It’s to be effortless in everything you do. It just flows. . As well as knitting apps together to make them more get-at-able, BB10 will also hook into cloud services, Heins promised — with cars, homes and new segments (we assume he doesn’t mean orangeries) also getting drawn in to the BB10 mix. The CEO revealed RIM began work on BB10 two and a half years ago and has been buying up the best tech companies we could find to deliver on its grand plan — name-checking QNX, for its new OS; TAT, for user interface design; TorchMobile, for its WebKit browser; Tungle for social calendaring; and Scoreloop for online scoring and gaming Apple – iPhone X Silicone Case – White.