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The arguments by Apple and Samsung in the latest case are expected to last until April 29 or April 30, and then the jury will deliberate. Court will be in session three days each week — Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays — though the jury will deliberate every business day until it has reached a verdict. The lightest moments of jury selection came from potential jurors who worked in tech and had a lot of knowledge about the case. One, a software engineer at LinkedIn, called the companies bullies with their patent libraries. He also criticized the current US patent system CALIFORNIA COAST iPhone Case.

Unfortunately, there are no Facebook or Twitter sharing options for those playlists or even just what you’re listening to, so if that’s a must-have feature, maybe this isn’t an everyday option for you. Also, you need to have a fair amount of music on your device for it to be effective (it recommends more than 20 albums). But, for those times when you can’t make up your mind what to listen to or you want to instantly create a playlist for your mood, Jukefox will do it for you. Price: Free CALIFORNIA COAST iPhone Case. View larger..

We don’t want to give customers the opportunity to move to another competitor’s offering, said Mike Volpi, general manager of Cisco’s Routing Technology Group. Service providers are pinching pennies right now, and we want to give them a way to upgrade their capacity without having to do a forklift upgrade. CALIFORNIA COAST iPhone Case. The plan makes sense, given that Cisco has shipped more than 24,000 GSR 12000 boxes since 1997, according to Volpi. He said the company is remaining true to its effort to protect customers’ investments by providing upgrades that allow them to use pieces of existing products..

Let’s run the numbers: in the three months up to the start of March, BlackBerry made a profit of £65 million, a big jump from the loss of $125 million this time last year. Part of that profit was driven by the fact that each Z10 commands a healthy profit as it costs less than £100 to build. This profit is a bit of a surprise given that, all told, sales fell by 36 per cent CALIFORNIA COAST iPhone Case. BlackBerry sold 6 million smart phones — and 370,000 PlayBook tablets thanks to serious discounts — which is the lowest number in nearly five years..

The HTC U Play is the smaller than the new HTC U Ultra, but we wouldn’t call it the runt. It’s meant to be a more affordable version of HTC’s new line of phones that use AI, or artificial intelligence, software to try giving you a more streamlined experience CALIFORNIA COAST iPhone Case. We didn’t get enough time to set up the phone and see how well its AI works, but we do know that this glass phone — which comes in shimmering white, pink, blue and black — is the less expensive, more midrange alternative to the flagship U Ultra. For example, although its 16-megapixel camera sounds heftier than the U Ultra’s 12-megapixel Ultrapbixel shooter, HTC says that the Ultra’s camera will take the crisper photos of the two..