Mujjo Genuine Leather iPhone XS Wallet Case – Black

Designed for the iPhone XS, this black genuine leather case from Mujjo provides a perfect fit and durable protection against scratches, knocks and drops with the added convenience of a credit card-sized slot.

Mujjo Genuine Leather iPhone XS Wallet Case - Black
Mujjo Genuine Leather iPhone XS Wallet Case - Black

Vehicular wireless communications use the 5.9GHz radio frequency range, which U.S. and European regulators set aside. The 802.11p standard forms a foundation for the higher-level dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) technology for V2V and V2I. But the Federal Communications Commission is examining whether to open that frequency band up to any usage, a possibility that Mujjo Genuine Leather iPhone XS Wallet Case – Black. stirs unease among automakers. Here, another regulator enters the picture. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will decide this year what to do about V2V and V2I safety mechanisms — including the possibility of requiring it through regulations. The decision rests in part on 3,000-car pilot project in Ann Arbor, Mich., in which drivers are warned of hazards such as collision risks at blind intersections and when changing lanes. V2V and V2I also are in use in Singapore and in Eindhoven..

Elsewhere, the YotaPhone features a 1.7GHz dual-core processor and a 13-megapixel rear camera. It’s expected to come in 32GB and 64GB storage options. Are you intrigued by the YotaPhone, or are you happy with just one screen on your smart phone? Let me know in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall, and don’t forget to tune in to watch the conference live Mujjo Genuine Leather iPhone XS Wallet Case – Black. This story was originally published on 2 December at 11:30PM PT. CNET has exclusive access to the international launch of this quirky Android smartphone, which has a regular LCD screen plus an e-ink panel. Watch live here at 11:15 p.m. PT Tuesday/7:14 a.m. GMT Wednesday..

Shazam, a mobile music discovery service for the iPhone, T-Mobile G1, and other devices, announced Friday that it has added 20 million users since September and now has 35 million users worldwide. Shazam’s success is due in part to its availability. According to the company, its app can be found on phones offered by 75 carriers across 60 countries Mujjo Genuine Leather iPhone XS Wallet Case – Black. Shazam users are tagging an average of 10 tracks per month, and the company claims that a total of 1 million tracks are being tagged monthly around the world. By the end of 2009, CEO Andrew Fisher expects the app to have 50 million users worldwide..

I went for a moody black and white edit for this shot, which I think nicely reflects the gritty urban environment we were in. There’s no right or wrong way to edit Mujjo Genuine Leather iPhone XS Wallet Case – Black. For my shots with Snaddon, for example, I wanted to draw more attention to his tricks, so I used vignettes to darken the frame around him, helping him pop out of the scene a little more. I also used the brush tool to lighten him up a bit as the phone had underexposed him against the bright sky. This could not be more critical. Taking photos of sports often means you’ll be kneeling, crouching or suddenly diving out of the way to safety. In those situations, it’s all too easy for your phone to take a fall. You might not want a chunky case on your luscious iPhone X on a night out, but it’s certainly worth having on a photoshoot..

Android O will feature redesigned emoji. Google spent 18 months working on a full redesign of its emoji, according to Fast Company. Google’s old emoji, pictured here, will exist no longer with its next Android update. We took a look at many things, but mostly the thing that’s most striking is, perhaps, that yes, the candy dots or blobs, are now substituted with a set of squishy circles — for a lot of good reasons, Gus Fonts, product manager of Android, told the publication. Part of the reasoning behind the change was making it easier to communicate with people using non-Android phones. Google also took pains to design gender stereotypes out of its emoji, Fast Company said. That included putting female emoji in pants and ditching pink for girls Mujjo Genuine Leather iPhone XS Wallet Case – Black.