Olixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case – Marine Blue

As seen on Everything ApplePro! Prepare your iPhone XR for the great outdoors with the rugged blue X-Ranger case. With a handy kickstand and a secure compartment for the included multi-tool – or the card of your choice – you’ll be ready for anything.Tough utilitarianprotection for your iPhone XR, You don't need to be a intrepid outdoors person to make use of the X-Rangers capabilities. Buy hey, if it's designed for the great outdoors, it's pretty much good for everyday use too. Featuring a robust multi-layered design, the Olixar X-Ranger provides excellentprotection for your iPhone XR and just might be the best all-round utilitycase available. This hard-wearing tough case safe-guards your phone against whatever nature can throw at it, keeping it secure at all times – even in the most extreme of conditions. With rubberised non-slip bumper pads, textured brushed metal effect surfaces for extra grip, a secure multi-tool / card compartment and a handy flip out kickstand, few other cases come close to the protection and features on offer here. The X-Ranger is suitable for commuting, outdoor travel and everyday use in equal measure.Multi-tool inside for every eventuality, Gadget lovers, the intrepid andcamperswill love this, but most people will need it at some point and be mighty glad it's there. What are we talking about? The included multi-tool of course. Though you can choose to store a credit car in the hidden compartment if you wish, there will be nothing quite so useful or essential than the stainless steel multi-tool that forms part of X-Ranger's utilitarian charm. Whether you need to open a letter, can or bottle, tighten a nut on a bike or other equipment, take a quick measurement or cut / saw something to size, the multi-tool has it all covered.What we have in this one-stop shop of functionality is this:Ruler (metric and imperial), filer, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, cable peeler, protractor, phone stand (to be used with a credit card or similar), letter opener, puller, knife blade, side blade, saw blade, keyring hole, butterfly wrench, a hex bolt wrenches in sizes ranging #6, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13 and #15. That's quite a lot from one small tool, but it's all there. Has a phone case ever provided so much capabilities? Have you ever had so much with you in one small place to take on the world? Probably not.Enhanced drop protection and grip, First and foremost, the X-Ranger is designed to protect the Apple iPhone XR and protect it does, with some aplomb. Composite layers of shock-absorbing thermopolyurethane and ultra-resistant reinforced polycarbonate take all the punishment your daily travel and use can throw at your phone, including drop protection. The front facing lip is raised ever so slightly above the level of the screen, meaning it will keep your screen off flat surfaces so it doesn't get scuffed or dirty. Reinforced corners are designed to deflect shock force away from your phone and the corners are the most vulnerable areas of any phone or case. Likewise, the phone's vulnerable buttons are catered for with generous and fully functional covers.Secure quick access compartment for multi-tool or card storage and access, The Olixar X-Ranger case features an ingenious back compartment that can hold either the included multi-tool or a credit card-sized object or your choice. Access is gained by lifting the kickstand compartment up. This is a secure and ingenious way of storing your most vital cards and also means you can leave your wallet at home if you want to.Built-in kickstand, Located at the back of the case is a super-convenient flip-out kickstand. Folding completely flat when not in use, the kickstand can be called upon at will, allowing you to effortlessly watch media at any time and in any place in both landscape and portrait. It's stable enough to use anywhere.Stylish militarised industriallook, The sleek military styling andslimline constructionof the X-Rangercase combines to create a case that perfectly compliments theiPhone XR's stunning design. With it's dual material design, tough talking rugged aesthetics and angular detailing and clean lines, the X-Ranger is very much a case for modern times and all situations. The brushed metal effect not only looks great but also aids grip significantly, meaning you're less likely to drop your phone.Access to all ports and features, With full access to all of the iPhone XR'sports and features, the Olixar X-Ranger Case allows you to use your phone as you would normally, but with the added peaceof mind that this highly protective case.

Olixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case - Marine Blue
Olixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case - Marine BlueOlixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case - Marine BlueOlixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case - Marine BlueOlixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case - Marine BlueOlixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case - Marine BlueOlixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case - Marine BlueOlixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case - Marine Blue

The only major wireless provider that may not benefit from the new smartphone is Sprint, since iPhone launches over the years have resulted in a spike in customers fleeing to competitors Olixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case – Marine Blue. The company, which has been losing customers for years, is trying to rewrite that script under a new CEO by rebranding itself as a lower-cost carrier, like T-Mobile, and offering special plans specifically for iPhone customers, including an unlimited talk, text and data plan for $50 a month. That may help staunch the bleeding..

In addition to the Verizon iPad, I also used an iPhone 4 to test the speed of the hot-spot feature, which allows the iPad to share its cellular 4G connection with other Wi-Fi devices. The AT&T version of the new iPad doesn’t offer this feature Olixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case – Marine Blue. Keep in mind that these tests only evaluate data speeds for these devices in San Francisco and are not designed to be representative of data speeds you’ll find in your area. However, they at least should show how the data speeds compare between each carrier’s version of the iPad, as well as the speed the Verizon iPad’s hot-spot feature offers..

CNET también está disponible en español. Don’t show this again. The Booq Cobra Courier XS feels in some ways like a microminiaturized version of the Booq Boa Squeeze, a backpack we loved back in 2009. The Squeeze managed to be thin and small and yet pack lots of pockets with plenty of padding. Similarly, the over-the-shoulder Courier XS is a tightly built little black bag made out of ballistic nylon and topped with Nappa leather, with a thick rubber bottom underneath. The leather, nylon, chrome slots where the seatbelt-strap nylon wraps around and underneath the bag, and rugged gridded rubber bottom combine to make a bag with lots of shades and patterns of black Olixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case – Marine Blue. It’s the perfect quasi-executive bag to take out to an interview or business dinner or meet up at a bar with, but it’s also functional enough to be a good commuting bag. It’s smaller than a standard messenger bag, but it doesn’t cross over into any absurd territory. It’s a few inches longer and wider than the iPad itself..

To listen to the CNET UK podcast, simply press play above or head to the iTunes Store and search for CNET UK. Then just click on Subscribe Free and the latest tech news and gossip appears in your ears before you can say, Take two tablets and call me in the morning. It’s just Luke and Rich this week — Andy is off checking out the new Nokia tablets — so to see the dynamic duo in action, hit play on the video below or head to YouTube.com/cnet for this and all the rest of our fine videos Olixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case – Marine Blue. In a week that’s seen more tablets than a Moses-themed fancy dress party, we compare the new iPad Air, Nokia 2520 — and a £50 Android slate..

On the whole, the SGH-T439 has a comfortable feel in the hand and the hinge mechanism is sturdy. Yet we couldn’t help but notice that the back battery cover is made of a cheap plastic Olixar X-Ranger iPhone XR Tough Case – Marine Blue. It felt pretty flimsy, and it popped off by accident a couple of times. Front and center on the phone is the postage-stamp size (0.78 inch) external display, which shows the date, time, battery life, signal strength, and caller ID. Though it’s monochrome, in standby mode it reverts to color so you can use it as a viewfinder for the camera. Also, it will show photo caller ID. The camera lens just above the display doesn’t have a flash. It doesn’t have a full self-portrait mirror either, but you can use the phone’s reflective face to take vanity shots..